Water Restrictions Imposed

Mountain Village has imposed water restrictions effective immediately. In anticipation of a dry season, residents in Mountain Village, Ski Ranches, Elk Run and Skyfield must adhere to the town’s water conservation program schedule for outside irrigation. In an email the mountain town says further water restrictions may be necessary as the town follows its augmentation requirements. If weather conditions do not cooperate, this could result in a ban on all outside irrigation from the town’s water system. If the region receives a significant increase in moisture the town may retract its water conservation efforts. The town understands that new landscaping needs additional water to establish itself, therefore anything installed before the spring of 2017 and future projects may apply for additional watering permission via a permit. All permit applications, which include landscaping additions or changes, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact Public Works at 369-8206 for further info.

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