Sunset Mesa Body Snatching Scandal More Widespread

A new lawsuit has been filed against Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors. This is the Montrose funeral home accused of doubling as a body broker where Families who had their loved ones cremated at Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors apparently did not receive their loved ones remains in the urn. KREX is reporting Durango resident Terri Thorsby and her attorneys filed the suit January 4. The lawsuit said both of Thorsby’s parents were cremated at Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors and the FBI sent Thorsby a letter in November which apparently said Thorsby’s mother had been dismembered and sold without consent. Thorsby’s attorney’s says Thorsby’s mother’s pelvis, both arms from the shoulder down, right knee to her foot, left knee, and head were removed before cremation.The FBI is still working on that investigation and several other cases. KREX reports Two civil suits have now been filed against Sunset Mesa, and one civil suit has been filed against Megan Hess, according to the Montrose County Courts. The recent lawsuit stated Four Corners Cremation & Burial Society of Cortez made arrangements for the cremations at Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors.

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