Montrose Set To Ban Sales of Fireworks

Montrose, City councilors will vote June 18, to ban the sale and use of fireworks within city limits after worsening fire conditions in the region. Normally residents would be seeing fireworks stands springing up throughout Montrose in preparation for the Fourth-of-July holiday. Due to critical drought conditions and massive wildfires to the south, Montrose Fire Protection District Fire Chief Tad Rowan said the time had come to be more proactive with multiple red flag days and active fire restrictions in place in the region. Rowan said as of now, the community fireworks show held on the Fourth-of-July on Sunset Mesa over Riverbottom Park is still scheduled to take place after dusk. Earlier this month the City Council received and approved the application for the annual show. The city, deferring to the judgment of the fire district, is not only looking to ban the sale, but to ban all use of fireworks within city limits.

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