Delta County School District Addresses Walk Out

Statement From Delta County School Superintendent Caryn Gibson on Planned March 14th Walkout:

“Delta County School District would like to first send our deepest regrets to the families who lost loved ones in Florida. We will continue to advocate and honor those families as we seek a solution to all school violence.

Delta County School District will continue to examine the gun issue but does not support the walkout on March 14. If students choose to join the walk we will respect their First Amendment Rights and continue our day as normal. We will, however, follow our attendance policy, so students who miss 10 minutes or less will be marked tardy and if students miss more than 10 minutes they will be marked absent for that class period”.


Original Story: Students and teachers across the country will walk out of classrooms Wednesday in a show of support for the 17 people killed in a Florida high school shooting and to advocate for stricter gun control laws. EMPOWER, the group organizing the protest, says the walkout will happen Wednesday at 10 am local time and will last 17 minutes to honor each of the shooting victims.

2 Comments on "Delta County School District Addresses Walk Out"

  1. Gun control?lol No, this is a total fabrication. The sharifs office and FBI were told multiple times about that evil creature and did nothing to stop it. If they had done their jobs than 17 people would be alive today.

  2. R. L. Michaels | March 15, 2018 at 7:23 AM | Reply

    As if kids don’t already have way too many days out of school and NOT LEARNING, but what the heck, they’ll use any excuse to skip school – sanctioned or not. The bullying problem = the kids own that. The subject 17 year old that killed 17 people was ONE OF THEIR OWN. A kid, with problems – obviously from yet another dysfunctional “home”. Hardly a home. No nurturing, no discipline, just another kid brought into the world by a couple of fertile people but alas, absolute LOSERS as it came to any Mother and Father commitment. And we wonder why this country is so broken. So PLEASE, stop blaming the guns. Another bad guy that gave law enforcement ALL OF THE CLUES THAT HE WAS A POWDERKEG! BAM!

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