Death In Delta County

From Delta County:

On Friday June 1, 20018 at approximately 1656 hrs, the Delta County Sheriff’s Office 911 communication center received a 911 call from the address of 4764 1900 rd. This address is located east of Delta in the Peach Valley area.


The initial 911 call was made by Christy Spinelli (26) stating her husband John Spinelli (54) was out of control and in an altercation with Robert “Bob” Neirinckx (76). Christy was requesting Law Enforcement to respond.  A second 911 call came in to the communication center from Howard Fasick (75) giving the same information also stating that Mr. Neirinckx had Mr. Spinelli on the ground and was holding him there until Law Enforcement could arrive.


Shortly after 1700 hrs Deputy Jim Lester arrived on scene and observed Mr. Neirinckx restraining Mr. Spinelli on the ground. As Mr. Neirinckx released his hold Deputy Lester observed Mr. Spinelli not moving. Deputy Lester quickly realized Mr. Spinelli was not breathing and not responding. Deputy Lester began life saving measures and requested medical to respond.


A short time later the Delta Ambulance arrived and took over life saving measures from Deputy Lester.  The Delta Ambulance was unable to revive Mr. Spinelli and pronounced Mr. Spinelli deceased.


Delta County Investigator Kris Stewart arrived on scene and began the death investigation. Mr. Neirinckx was taken into custody and transported to the Delta Memorial Hospital for minor injuries he obtained during the altercation. Mr. Neirinckx was released from the hospital and transported to the Delta County jail where he was booked in for Manslaughter a class 4 felony, his bond was set at $25,000.


This case is still under investigation, no further information is available at this time.




Mark Taylor



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