Commissioners Seek Input on Barking Dog Ordinance

From Montrose County:


The Board of County Commissioners is seeking public input on the consideration of a barking dog ordinance.  Commissioners have been approached in public meetings and received feedback that members of the public would support a barking dog ordinance in the unincorporated Montrose County area.  At this time, the commissioners would like additional input from county residents.

“The ordinance would not apply to working livestock dogs.  I know this distinction is extremely important to our agricultural community that utilizes these dogs in farm and ranch operations,” said Chairman Keith Caddy.  “Adopting an ordinance is a lengthy process, and I want to make sure we provide the public an opportunity to be heard before exploring further.”

The ordinance would call for two signed complaints prior to issuing a violation.  The reporting parties must be from separate households and willing to testify at trial.  Violation of the ordinance would be a Class 2 petty offense (per CRS 18-1.3-503) with a first conviction fine of $75 and second conviction fine of $150.

“Several community members who live in more densely populated areas of the county have complained to me about neighboring dogs that bark at all hours,” said Commissioner Sue Hansen.   “I’d like to start the conversation and include input from the entire county on this important issue.”

A draft ordinance is in the process of being written by the county’s legal team.  Once it is prepared, the draft will be presented to the commissioners in a work session for amendments and then onto the agenda of a regularly scheduled board meeting.  Ordinances require three readings in a regularly scheduled board meeting with appropriate legal notices in between meetings.  There is an informal poll available on the county’s Facebook page.  Comments may also be directed to the board at or 970-249-7755.

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